Ruger SR-762 308 Winchester-308 NATO

The new Ruger SR-762 brings new life to lightweight larger caliber rifles but brings in some old confusion, like what is the difference between 308 Winchester and 308 NATO(7.62x51mm) so we will first address this confusion before we talk about how Ruger did a great job bridging 60 year old “gap” in technology. ( you will get the pun in a minute). NATO ammo has much tighter spec than 308 Winchester(commercially available ammo) The brass is thicker and the head space tolerance doesn’t sway as much as over the counter ammo. Its this head spacing that is the issue and its the way a military weapon is designed vs a commercial rifle that makes the difference. The SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute) You will hear the phrase go/no-go gauge and this determines the head spacing of the ammo to bolt face when the chamber is closed and the number one reason your friend bubba in his garage shouldn’t be building you an AR-15. We have taken a number of these “home builds” in on trade over the years and more people are not missing fingers and faces is sheer luck that brass tends to fail before the bolt most of the time and the constantly jamming weapon keeps the person counting to 10 with ease. On commercial 308 Winchester the headspace Field reject spec(the point where if you go one more 1000th you risk injury is 1.638 The NATO reject limit is 1.6455 failure rate which is 16/1000th…

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