Investment Grade

Springfield M1A – Buying Investment Grade Rifles during Turbulent News Times

It never fails the media hypes up a shooting event and people come running to the gun store to buy up the inventory before it all gets banned. There’s nothing like someone telling me how pro-gun they are as they buy a $400 DPMS Ar-15 with the hopes they can gouge their buddy later that year if inventory gets low or some stupid cosmetic ban does take place. Guns are great investment when the Anti-gunners point out that there are 130 million gun-owners in the United States that also means there are 130 million potential collectors/investors. Just like the stock market buy low sell high is your goal if it’s your chosen medium as an investment. Only the Ar-15 is made by SO many people and quality varies to such a large degree and frankly the average buyer just has no clue what the difference between quality and just what is flat out expensive. Assault weapon ban talk always focus’s around the AR-15, they never seem to tell the story when the M16 later the M4(Full auto or 3 shot burst version of AR-15) came out in Vietnam the troops rejected it because it wasn’t as good at taking down bad guys as the M-14 (Full Auto version of M1A but was usually used in Semi-Automatic mode) Problems with the lack of chrome lined barrels which the White House Whiz kids under President John Kennedy rejected as an “Adder” that was unnecessary proved to be fatal because the M-16 was…

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