Ruger Blackhawk 41 Magnum Misprint

No matter what you are collecting car, coins, stamps or guns misprints are valuable.   Having the wrong information stamped on your revolver may not bring the same value increase as the airplane being upside down on your stamp, yet rare is rare in the collector world.  To some this seems odd but there is no limited edition mistakes.  Often mistakes on new products are resolved by replacing them making the mistake even rarer.  Enter our newly found Ruger BlackHawk 41 Magnum with 38 super barrel and cylinder. We contacted Ruger and made sure the gun was issued as a 41 Magnum. We also were running short on some AR-15 upper receivers, to which, the arms company was glad to supply us with. We contacted the original Dealer who bought the gun from Ruger and the original purchaser to get the full story on how this gun even still exists.  For more than 30 years this gun has gone unfired and after my inspection I say good because the mistakes here are not just in the stamp on the frame. On inspection of the gun I first noticed scratches in the cylinder from rotation. Ruger doesn’t do this their locks clear the cylinder cleanly and you don’t get the scratch and drag you get from Smith & Wesson or Colts.  The reason? The cylinder doesn’t appear to be timed properly which actually makes since.  This gun was stamped as a 41 Magnum which means after its properly timed by the factory…

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