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Difference between Glock Gen1, Glock Gen2, Glock Gen3, Glock Gen4

The latest buzz words around the Glock word is “Gen”. All of the sudden everyone is a “Gen Expert” as just saying Gen 3 , Gen 4 makes it appear you know detailed differences on the long term development of the wondrous gun that is the Glock. While I don’t believe that movies and games make people go out and buy guns I do believe that Media and social pressures influence buying habits (what you decide to buy not if you buy). Glock has a very tight long term marketing strategy that is multipronged and it leads to lots of conversations about how great a Glock pistol is. The Glock falls into that category of “Show it more than you really shoot it” for 99% of its owners. I wrote an article on Glock after the great Upgrade of 1992 in 1999 where I was fairly harsh on anyone using Glock as a daily carry gun because of my concerns about the true safe nature of the Glock pistol. I stated “The Glock is a true race gun and will dominate in a competition that needs speed accuracy and has standards governing quality of loads the shooters use, but this gun should be nowhere near the person who wants readily available self-defense, worst gun ever for the front seat of the pickup.” Well since then the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock’s have come out and it’s time for a historical reflection of the Engineering differences between the 4 (Four)…

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