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Reduce Recoil is going to go live

Reduce Recoil is an old domain name that I have owned for over a decade.  We are tying in a sales community as the social media sources strangle the ability of the gun owners to communicate with each other. Why Us? First we told you so in 2005, told the NSSF, NRA and anyone else who wouldn’t listen that allowing liberals to run free speech would be the death of it.  As the NSA tries to convince congress (probably won’t really ask) that we need to internationalize the “internet” because the US is just in capable of dealing with security on a global scale.  Meaning your congressman should be asking the NSA who is better at protecting the American Peoples free speech other than the United States. Well besides our decade long beliefs and knowledge that has born to be true, there is our real world preparation. We have the server power, we have the security capability, we have the ability to track hackers back to the source in real time even through 100’s of proxies and masking technology. There are rules we have to follow to keep ourselves inside the laws.  You have a right to sell your property without interference or censorship. Place a price and location of the item for sale. In no way will be a part of stolen goods sales. You agree that if you are caught selling stolen items that any of members can hunt you down and beat you within an inch of your life. j/k…

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